Friday, April 4, 2008

restricted area

we are in quarantine. epidemia nato hit all over bucharest. romanian policemen appeared in the light. romanian people were pushed into the dark. nato needs not see romanian people. but soon it will be all over. nato leaves romania policemen dissapear romanian people haunt the streets. my battery has been off for two days already. no music plays in my ear. my bus to where my job is stops in different places every day but its only a week. i ll recover. i ll know where i am. i am also very tired cause i cant sleep. i dont know why. its all so safe these days. nato s here. my mind should rest. but my mind doesn t want to rest. i recall no problems. i have pushed problems away. i have treated myself simply - young woman with moderate issues lovely boyfriend zero financial power restricted function area basic family relations good and bad friends potentially pretty but too fat modest job powerful tormenting dreams.
i say nothing more about nato only that democracies are so unbelievably naive and even when they appear not to be naive they are so unbelievably naive
i m currently learnign how to drive a car so the picture si for me the future driver the first lesson

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